Tuesday, April 20, 2010

US for OKINAWA at Earth Day, Tokyo

Earth Day at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo - April 17-18th, 2010

US for OKINAWA joined together with Peace Boat staff members and PangeaSeed artists and activists during one of Tokyo`s largest environmental events to promote a base-free Okinawa.

During the two day event at Yoyogi park, we were able to network with many groups who continue to work towards promoting a healthy environment in Okinawa, protecting the Dugong (a now endangered species), and educating others about the US Military base issue in Japan. Organizations such as Green Peace Japan, WWF, SDCC "Save the Dugong Campaign", Green Action Saitama, and other civil society organizations joined together to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the nature in Okinawa and preventing yet another military base from being built in one of the most diverse and fragile ecosystems of the world.

For more info about Earth Day, visit their official website:

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