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FALL 2010 (Tentative dates Sept 22 - 26th)

If you love the ocean and love to learn through direct experience...this study program is for you. Please join us !

沖 縄・辺野古の海は、ジュゴンなどの海洋ほ乳類やウミガメが生息し、国際的 に絶滅の危機にあるサンゴが広く育つ海洋生物の宝庫です。この地に新しく基 地が建設されることになれば、大浦湾が埋め立てられ、マングローブなどの野 生生物に取り返しのつかないダメージを与えることになります。これは、一帯 の貴重な海洋生物多様性に対する重大な危機です。

「US for Okinawa」では、沖縄の状況をより深く知ることのできるスタディツ アーを計画しています。ぜひご参加ください!
* photo by Rob Stewart *

Okinawa Peace Project Study Program Outline:
* Learn more about the US Military bases in Okinawa
* Participate in our Ocean Conservation study program
* Scuba diving and Snorkeling exploration trip
* Canoe, beach clean-up, visit the mangroves
* Art & Music event in Okinawa

★2010年秋 沖縄ピースプロジェクト スタディプログラム★

- This program is not limited to certified Scuba divers -
CONTACT Emilie McGlone at

The sea in Henoko is a treasure trove for marine life, where the large marine mammal the Dugong and the sea turtle live, and internationally endangered species of coral grow widely. In November 2009, 36 species of new strains of shellfish were discovered in the area. The construction of replacement facilities for Futenma Air Station means that this area will be landfilled in order to construct the new base, rendering as yet unknown environmental damage to the surrounding areas and wildlife.

There are only about 10 to 20 dugongs left off the coast of Henoko in Ohura Bay, Okinawa. Dugongs are now believed to be an endangered species in Japan. In 2006, WWF Japan designated 2010 as "International Year of Dugong." This year, we hope to join them in raising awareness about the plight of this graceful mammal. The vibrant biodiversity found in Ohura Bay, on the east coast of Okinawa, may be in danger. The plan to build the new military facility, which would likely involve land reclamation activities in Ohura Bay, could lead to the destruction of the area’s precious marine biodiversity.

OBJECTIVE: As well as directly learning about the situation of the military bases in Okinawa, this study tour will examine dangers of the the Futenma Base which we are now seeking to be closed, meet people protesting against the proposed relocation of the base to Henoko in Nago City, and seek ways to strengthen solidarity of voices against the military bases from now. US for OKINAWA, together with other environmental and conservation organizations such as PangeaSeed, WWF, and Peace Boat seeks to create an Ocean Conservation study program based on the necessity to raise awareness about the fragile aquatic ecosystem in Okinawa and the threat being posed by the construction of new military facilities on the island by the United States government. Volunteers will work in partnership with local divers and water enthusiasts to combat these challenges through environmental education at the local and international levels, beach clean-ups, coral reef conservation, monitoring and data collection of the Okinawan dugong`s habitat and local ecosystem. We are committed to the conservation of the Okinawan land, water and aquatic life that is the livlihood of the people who inhabit the islands.

VIDEO by Green Peace about the Dugong in Okinawa

Organized by:

US FOR OKINAWA: A deliberate double entendre, US may be read both as "us" (you, me, everyone), as well as U.S. (reflecting the proactive stance of Americans in Japan who support a base-free Okinawa). US for OKINAWA was organized out of shared concern regarding the danger that the U.S. Futenma Air Base poses to the people of Okinawa, as well as the pressure exerted by the U.S. on the new Japanese administration to construct a replacement facility for the base in Henoko, an environmentally fragile area on the eastern part of the island.

『US for OKINAWA』は、在沖米軍基地の縮小と撤廃を求める新しいネットワークです。ここには日本に住み、沖縄のことを気にかけるアメリカ人、日本人、カナダ 人、ニュージーランド人、オーストラリア人、ウェールズ人、メキシコ人とその他の市民が集まり、都内を中心に活動を始めています。(USは私たちという意 味ですが、同時にここでは基地のない沖縄を目指す日本在住のアメリカ人たちを意味しています。)
『US for OKINAWA』は、米軍基地・普天間基地が沖縄の人々に与える危険性と、アメリカ政府が日本の新政府に対して貴重な自然環境が残る辺野古への移転を強く 要請していることへの共通の懸念から組織されました。辺野古基地建設はジュゴンの絶滅を招くばかりか、汚染・騒音公害・安全性の問題や(米軍兵による)犯 罪をただ県内の別の地域に移動するだけになります。

PANGEASEED: PangeaSeed is a Tokyo-based grassroots organization dedicated to educating and raising international awareness on the plight of sharks. Through volunteer activism and various mediums including art, music, film,and photography, PangeaSeed aims to create an open dialog with the global community to develop an understanding of the need to preserve and protect sharks and their habitat.

PangeaSeedは、地球を愛し、サメを愛する、ボラン ティアグループです。私たちは、社会の意識を高め、極めて重要な問題に光を当てるため、国や地域を超えたアート・音楽・映像を組み合わせたスペシャルイベ ントを企画開催しています。現在、誕生してから4億年以上の歴史を持ち、「生きた恐竜」とも呼ばれるサメが、フカヒレ料理の材料とするための乱獲や海洋環 境の破壊によって絶滅の危機に瀕しています。


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