Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ACTION towards COP 10

Us for OkinawaUS FOR OKINAWA "peace action network" takes action for Biodiversity in Henoko ! Make your appeal for COP 10 and attend the conference in Nagoya this month! >

The sea in Henoko, Okinawa is a treasure trove of marine life. Here, the dugong, a gentle marine mammal, and sea turtles live alongside
internationally endangered species of coral, and new species of plant and animal life continue to be discovered regularly. The construction of a new U.S. Military Air Base in the bay of Henoko means much of this sea
will be filled in, inflicting grave environmental losses and damage.

Only 10 to 20 dugongs remain off the coast of Henoko, and the new base construction may lead to their extinction from Japan. The Japan World Wildlife Fund designated 2010 as the "International Year of Dugong," and at this year's COP 10, we join them in calling for their protection. More than 1,000 military bases already exist around the world, and nearly 20% of Okinawa is already occupied by them. We need biodiversity, not more bases! US for OKINAWA, together with the International NGO, PEACE BOAT, promotes Disarmament for Biodiversity and we will carry our message around the world on the 72nd global voyage for peace.

 すでに辺野古の海にはジュゴンが10〜20頭しか生息しておらず、もし新しい米軍基地の建設が進めば、結果として日本でのジュゴンの絶滅を引き起こす可能性が高いです。US for Okinawaは、2010年を「国際ジュゴン年」と指定した日本の世界自然保護基金(WWF)とともに、名古屋で開催される生物多様性条約第10回締約国会議(COP10)でにてジュゴンの保護を呼びかけます。

 私たちUS for Okinawaは国際NGOピースボートの協力を得て、環境保護と軍縮の活動を続けています。ピースボート第72回「地球一周の船旅」の航海では、実際に「生物多様性を守るための軍縮」のメッセージを世界中の人々に伝え、つなげていきます。(ピースボート http://

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